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As a being of power, intelligence, and the master of his own thoughts, a man holds the key to every situation, to make his life what he chooses it to be. When he discovers the divine power within his soul, he can lead his life to a God-like nature. If one dreams lofly dreams, so shall he become. There is magic in the way one thinks. If we expect the worst, we will get the worst. If we expect the best, we will recieve the best. If we train our minds to have faith in God and ourselves, we are using one of the great laws of life. If we think and live righteously, happiness will find its place in our lives. It is amazing when we expect the best how forces are set in motion which cause the best to materialize. Our thoughts, more than circumstances determine the coarse of our lives. Outward circumstances do not determine the coarse of our lives as much as the thoughts that habitually occupy our minds. These thoughts carve their impression on our faces, in our hearts, and on the tablet of our eternal souls.
Howard W. Hunter

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Day of School for Jordyn

Jordyn started Kindergarten. She has been waiting for this day for 3 years!(since Jade has been in school) She gets to go in the afternoon, her teacher is Mrs. Larson and from what I have seen she is truly an incredible teacher, it sure takes a lot of work to be a Kindergarten teacher. Here is a picture of her first day. It is now November when I am getting around to posting this and so she has been going to school for awhile and really likes it. Her best friend is a boy named Kael, he is adorable, Jordyn says that they run around and just play. I have had a chance to help out in her class every Monday and see that Jordyn is always checking up on Kael making sure he is okay, I think that it is so sweet of her. She is a very tender, sweet girl. She is the best reader in her class, and has been and outstanding student so far this year. We are very proud of her.

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